Our Campus

At ASB the totality of campus experience takes precedence over the coursework. Our students are provided the environment necessary to have an enriching campus life. The intricately interwoven organic life at the campus is composed of trainers, administrators and researchers. More importantly, the campus life is imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces critical thinking, progressive values and multi-cultural exchange.

At Asian School of Business, learning is perceived as a way of life. The tradition of artfully blending life and education allows ASB to make students feel right at home. The academic life at ASB Campus is credited with not only stimulating the intellect but producing original thinking among students. This is the one place where magic happens at every turn, whether you are exchanging ideas with faculty members over lunch break, taking part in student forum activity or celebrating a cultural festival.

“Students love ASB and ASB loves its students”

Home to some of the most eminent teaching professionals in the industry, ASB has remained a place where students come not just for graduating but transforming their lives. ASB understands what it takes to build a hospitable, diverse, and all inclusive campus that can fulfill tastes and aspirations of students. At ASB campus, there is always something waiting to be discovered, whether it is a cultural event, student initiative or social campaign.

Student Life


The ASB campus is one of the first campuses to be enabled by CISCO's Smart and Connect Campus system. A fully Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) with network supported by CISCO and implemented by UST Global with Wi-Fi, CCTV, Public address, and Access Systems for every room. This makes ASB campus one of the most hi-tech campuses in the country and the first ‘smart building’ campus.

All classrooms and seminar hall are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and video conferencing facilities. The class rooms are installed with the Polevault system enabling data presentation and audio reinforcement through single control. It is possible to hold virtual class room sessions from these rooms. These rooms are also acoustically designed to reduce noise levels.


Campus is provided with 24-hour dedicated wireless connectivity.


Campus is powered by comprehensive air condition system


All security concerns provided in Every room on the campus.


Students avail of state-of-the-art library that is updated with the most recent books and journals


Fully equipped with gym to help students to let off the steam at the time of their convenience


Campus is supplied with 24-hour uninterrupted electric power

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